Lalita, near Hoyos, Spain also bulletproof coffee

A little behind on posting in proper timing but I wrote this at the time of. Can’t get internet everywhere!

This was a suggestion of Alfonso’s (our first host from Post 2). He and Ana spent time at the mystical place 5 or 6 years before.  As opportunists, Kenny and I decided to take it and spend Monday – Friday helping them with what we were told would be gardening and general groundskeeping.

The Lalita Library

A little raking here, a little raking there and some high-quality raking everywhere were our main chores. 

Spanish diggings

We did get to indulge in some real, organic coffee since Paloma, the manager of the rejuvenation project who hails from Spain, enjoys coffee regularly.
I had been missing coffee, good coffee that is, ever since we left Mississippi.  I usually partake almost daily, in freshly roasted and often organic single orgin, ground in my home just before brewing.  And when I do drink coffee, I pour my 8 ounce cup of fresh brew into a blender, add 1 tablespoon of grassfed butter (goat butter in my case as I have a sensitivity to cow dairy [the A1 protein]) and 1 tablespoon of 100% MCT oil, something google will teach you plenty about.  Voila, a cup of long lasting energy without the spike and crash and which allows for instant fat burning metabolic processes.  This, of course, is bulletproof coffee.  Nothing of my own design but I do like to add some Great Lakes Collagen protein, an egg yolk, fresh cinnamon, or 100% cacao powder if I’m feeling it. 
But that seems like a fantasy at this point, those foamy cups in the mornings. 


I am learning to adapt.  When Paloma at Lalita offered her good coffee I had my first cup right after a fat filled breakfast: a cup or two of steamed cabbage which I immediately drenched in the highest quality olive oil I’ve ever had.  Garnished with incredibly fresh parsley, oregano, and sea salt, I felt satisfied but not heavy gutted.  A hot cup of black coffee was enjoyed before I stood up from breakfast and once I stood I felt that familiar buzz, that bit of upstoppable that the bulletproof coffee followers adore so much. That we all adore, really.  It’s the fat, people, that good fat slows the caffeine down and allows your brain to use it at a more reasonable pace. 
So, I am adapting.  And happily surviving off of fresh, non starchy vegetables, lots of amazing organic olive oil (it’s literally pressed out back in most places and you can see the bits of olive in it, none of that clearish-yellow liquid at Walmart), nuts, fish, some good meat here and there, and a little goat cheese when it’s available. I suppose I’m not quite a hardcore bulletproof infograph follower, but I’m adaptive I tell you!

Merry Christmas Meal

The days pass gently. Simple work fosters concentration and sitting down to have meals together fosters ties between people and conversations that make lasting impressions.  I’m glad to be here. 


Lalita is in a valley that a family owns and it’s only one of their projects that shares this amazing country side. 


The structures are old worldly, with living being the priority of the handmade homes.


There’s certainly a lot to be learned here.


On to Fernando’s goat farm near Penamacor.
A hurrah for Portugal, here we come!


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