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A short post today, probably mostly filled with pictures. I wrote for almost two hours on a very descriptive and extensive post about our experience at the last farm we were at, near Penamacor, Portugal, only to have my wordpress app somehow lose it all after I posted it.
I’m not going to try to rewrite it, but instead hit my key points and include my pictures, something you all might prefer over everlasting words anyhow.

A decently encompassing view of the farm structures

A working goat farm run by a man named Fernando. 80 hectares amidst protected land (Serra de Malcatta) that has been in his family for hundreds of years.  He maintains three of the structures on site that are dated between the 12th and 17th centuries. He also chooses to live as they did.

Clean, clean water

The man lives incredibly simply. He burns a fire in his kitchen, on the floor and has no ventilation for the smoke. He cooks over this fire. This is apparently the way his midevil ancestors lived and is the way he wishes his descendents to.

Dirt, stone, and smoke

He eats mostly starch: high gluten bread, potatoes, and rice. As I don’t consume these things, I ate mostly onion. Luckily his goats are plentiful producers of milk and I was able to have the freshest cheese I’ve ever, and probably will ever have.


Our days consisted, mostly, of walking goats. They eat only grass and walk freely for at least 8 hours a day.


With 125 females and 5 males, it was a job to keep up with them all.  Mostly, however, the goats walk you, not vice versa.


I had an off day while on the farm and walked the 6 miles to town to explore Penamacor and its history.

Entrance to town


From the top of town
The keep, from the years when the town was a royal safeguard
Sunset from a park in town

I found that my time at Fernando’s farm was very special. I learned so much, about what I love and what I would never do.
For instance, his way of living. He indeed has the choice to use some of the advances that the human mind has come up with. But he chooses to stay behind and breathe the smoke, eat the peasant food with such little nutritional quality though he has ample garden space, and not save goats that have infected udders or weak disposition because, “nature is cruel”.
He believes that the old way is the only way, and I believe I should never become so attached to ideas that I neglect opportunities presented to me.

Friendly buddies
A little rest as the goats graze
Perhaps 1300 ad? Perhaps 1800.

What I am coming away with, every day more and more, is that we all have a purpose. Perhaps Fernando’s is indeed to live the way he does and make his cheese and host travelers.
What I know is that we all should find what we love most and do it, do it frequently.
If you are fortunate enough to be currently spending as much time doing what you love as doing what you’re told you should, plesse, please, shine some light for the rest of us on how you got there 🙂

Fernando's pantry

Headed south and may stay there with the Lagos’s predicted weather.

Please drop a line if you will.

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  1. Will, Leigh and I are really enjoying your writing and pics…keep it coming…you describe it all very well…we watched the movie “Wild” last night for the 2nd time and read the book too…a story you will appreciate….embrace your journey….as I tell myself almost daily, embrace the day, for I may never walk this way again. Sending our love and good energy !

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