Here I am

The last post i offered was about the conclusion (or should I say intermission) of a European escapade. I hinted at further plans and harped about home and the importance of creating one. I don’t particularly want to write about myself but I feel like to move on with this blog I need to sum up my progress since.  That was January after all.

I flew back to America, spent three weeks and my parent’s house in Byhalia, Mississippi, and moved to Orange Beach, Alabama.  I interviewed the morning after I arrived for a position as a resident firefighter with the Orange Beach Fire and Rescue Department.  I was awarded the position and began fire school shortly after.  I’m living in Orange Beach in an old brick house with three other guys, one of which is my brother and all of which are fellow resident firefighters.  Our position entails that all of our schooling and training is paid for as well as our housing in exchange for our time working at the stations.  We’re paid a stipend every month of around 350$.  Essentially, it’s an excellent program that allows young aspiring firefighters an opportunity to have the expenses of fire college, EMT school and paramedic school paid for while getting on the job experience.  There’s some in’s and out’s to the job that I won’t go into detail about here.
I also work part-time as a server at Orange Beach’s finest restaurant (and I mean that), Fisher’s Upstairs.

I’m enjoying my time here and fortunately Kate, my lovely girlfriend of 2+ years, moved down and took a job at a local waterfront restaurant within walking distance to her little house that she shares with her best friend, Mary.

Now that that’s summarized, on to the good stuff.

I’ve been attempting to continue with a piece of writing that I began in Portugal, a bit about home.  Being away from home gave me such amazing insight into what it means to me, and now that I’m back in a place where I have my comforts and easy of access and my loved ones, I’ve sort of lost touch with the ideas that drove me to write so steadily about it those last few weeks in Portugal.

So I’ve been spending time reading about what it is I should do to rediscover that creative spark and drive to press on with the writing.  Here’s what I’ve got:

1. Fill your brain until it’s bursting with creative fuel, i.e. books, (good) movies, conversation, art, music, nature and other things that are information that are not work related.
2. Write anyways. Even if it’s a poem or a journal entry or a blog post or a recipe, just get the movements and the neuron pathways warmed back up.
3. Meditate.  Stilling my mind and abolishing inner resistance just makes everything easier.
4. Steal. I found one of the inspirational books in my stash, Walden, and began copying excerpts from it. It seems silly but it combines numbers 1 & 2 into a simple method of tapping back into the flow state.

So this is me, gettin’ it goin’ again.  Doing my best to inspire myself and to work out the kinks.  It feels the same as when I moved here and began lifting weights again, something I hadn’t done consistently in mucho tiempo. It’s hard and almost awkward at first and the results are small but the immediate rewards feel good.  You press on because you know it’s the right thing to do. You don’t stop when it’s hard and you begin remembering things about it you’d forgotten.  Then, before long, you find yourself lacing up your shoes without telling yourself to.  You add that extra plate and smile as you push out one more rep than the last time.

I know this’ll become as natural as drinking water, like it was.

One more thing on that list of writing boosters:

1. Make a commitment.  I wrote out my sort of mission statement the other day and now it’s on my phone’s home screen. I can’t miss it.

I will write everyday. I’m committed to working as a writer until I’m paid to do so. It’s the one thing that when I’m doing it I forget the rest of the world and feel as though I’ve jumped in a river.  I’m flowing, face up, watching the sky roll by without any struggle.  That’s why I write.  That’s why I’m here.

Next time, it’ll be about something.


4 thoughts on “Here I am

  1. Close your eyes, click your heels and repeat “There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home”…and there’s no place like the Gulf Coast…welcome home and come see us in Florida anytime…we were in Perdio Key yesterday eating at Hub Stacys, the same place where Leigh and I ate lunch with the Hearn Family a few years back.

    Don Sealy | Realtor Scenic Sotheby’s International Really 850.368.6311



  2. Glad to hear you still have the itch. We all need something to stir the creative juices.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Your momma is so right. You are an inspiration! Every time I read your writing, I get that aweosme “fluttery chest” feeling that’s definitely undeniable and real. It makes me want to go deeper in myself, and reminds me that we’re all here to do something meaningful. So glad you’re back here with us, Love!
      It’s been such a blessing being around your beauty again.


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