Bulletproof Coach Training

This isn’t just for my peeps, my fellow coaches-in-training, although I hope they’ll feel the love from it; it ain’t just for Mark and Dave, although they inspired me beyond belief; and it’s not just for those I’ll serve but it sure is a shout out to them. It’s for all of you and it’s because of you that I have the inspiration, the motivation, and the presence to stop and write.
The coach training was and is a powerful group of good people, led by Dr. Mark Atkinson and Mr. Dave Asprey. The class is designed for those interested in helping further the movement known as Bulletproof (as in the world renown Bulletproof Coffee) which means living a life of joy, vibrance, and resilient health.
Signing up for the class was a no brainer for me and probably for most of my fellow coaches. When Dave put out the opportunity to sign up with a full curriculum and schedule (as well as a pass to the Bulletproof Biohacking conference which I’ll post about soon), it took me only a few hours to make the decision. The value was worth way more than the price.
When I arrived in Pasadena on the morning of the 21st, I was beyond stoked. I was itching to get into the Westin and start meeting and experiencing. Mark told us coming into the week that the two days of in-person training for the class would be 100% experiential. The man is honest.
Bulletproof coffee flowed freely as did collagen bars and conversation. Everyone was fueled by the highest quality fats, grass fed Anchor brand butter and brain octane, the shortest of the medium chain fats contained in coconut and palm oil. The bulletproof Vibe vibration plates were set up and always monitored by a staff member, although we all took a few more risks than might have been approved if said staff had not been geeking out on the same combination of caffeine and caprylic acid that we all were.
And then class began. Mark almost immediately taught us how to find out place of peace, our present moment awareness using multiple methods. My preferred is the hara meditation (another post coming up), simply because it is so efficient and practical.
Until 8 pm that night we guided each other through personal growth blockages, old emotional damage, and simple conversation that allowed us to not only bind the way a coach and his client would, but also learn exactly what it’s like to be a coach. It’s not simply about the diet you choose or the exercise you prefer. It’s living a life of awareness and that is what allows the choices of diet, exercise, and mental performance to become all the easier. When you can be present enough to make the right choices without having to use mass amounts of will power, then your energy is upgraded through the roof and then you have the ability to say, “wow, with all this extra energy and awareness, what is it that I really want to do with myself? With my life?”
By the time day two ended it seemed like we’d been together for only a moment and also for a week. We hugged and laughed and confessed to loving one another. We were sad it was over but happy to have nine months left of online interactive class time. And with that we said goodbye, only to see each other the next morning at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference!

More on that tomorrow.

Good day friends,



4 thoughts on “Bulletproof Coach Training

  1. Although I so wish I were there, I get to hear about and experience the awesomeness with the next best source
    So glad you were able to do this Willie
    Hara 🙂


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