Biohacking conference 2015

It was a party of splendor, a collaboration of celebrating biology nerds and health hackers.
These were my people.
Greeted by giant bowls of some of the highest quality supplements on the market (like Glutathione Force, the only liposomal glutathione available, and Unfair Advantage the most bioavailable form of PQQ and Ubiquinol), it was instantly obvious that I was in for something special.
In all seriousness, just stepping into the building there was a difference in the air. As if one had stepped into a different quality of air and it required a moment to catch your breath.
There was coffee constantly available, served by the happiest bulletproof baristas. Fat water was served next door, the latest product from Dave Asprey (who will from heretoforth be referred to simply as Dave) that serves as a hydrating tasty beverage. Hacked snacks were around every corner from Epic foods meal bars to Arizona Grass Fed Beef broth and different adaptogenic herbs such as Sunhorse, who I wound up purchasing a month supply from and will write up on soon.
I immediately signed up for an IV therapy and injectible vitamin treatment aka a shot in the butt of nutrients. I made my way to the hyperbaric chamber for some medium pressure oxygen treatment.
Soon I was listening to the legend himself, Dave, speaking on the good things we all came to hear about.
Brendon Burchard spoke next, a motivating man who has discovered secrets to the art of getting dreams done in a timely manner at quite a young age.
Dr. Robert Cooper spoke after Brendon and made a huge impact on his listeners, a man who understands what what makes people tick and what makes them move themselves in the direction of their goals.
Emily Fletcher, John Gray, Steven Fowkes..
Speaker after speaker came and went over the next three days (I won’t mention every one here, you can look at the lineup online). It was overwhelming.
I am overwhelmed and I am free.
After three days of biohacking and learning and amazing interactions with people equally excited about health and happiness, I was suddenly in an Uber ride at 5 am headed to LAX.
It wasn’t sadness that came over me, but it was certainly something close to nostalgia for the experiences I’d barely finished.
Flying back towards the southeast US I wanted to slow down and really appreciate everything I’d experienced and embody what had happened to me.
The one thing that stuck with me was the feeling I had every morning when I stepped into that conference building. The energy was on a level above the city outside. I realize now that it was potential energy. It was all those hackers looking in the moment for the truth. They were all their trying to realize their greatest potential. Same as me, but in their own way.

I have much more to share but I must cook dinner for four other firefighters.

All in good time.


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