Coming home

Everything is different.
You can’t look at the world the same after you’ve changed your perspective. The bulletproof coaches understand where I’m going with this.
When you live from you hara, from your place of presence, the things that happen just matter a little less. And that’s a feeling of lightness. And that is life changing.
I’ve changed some things up since I got home. I’ll try to start posting some of the recipes I’m making these days and explain the way I’m viewing food.
I have followed Dr. Mark Hyman’s advice and am finishing dinner at least four hours before bedtime. Generally that means being done eating for the day around 5 pm. I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better and waking up more energized and that my day gets rolling earlier, there’s less time needed for waking up.
I’m also cutting down on my portion sizes. 3-4 ounce protein servings, especially for dinner, seem to make a big difference. I fill my plate with freshly prepared veggies and a nice amount of high quality fat.
I’ve noticed satiation occurs easily and I’m never uncomfortably full (something I’ve dealt with a lot in the past due to my leptin resistance which I’ll write about later).
Living in presence as much as possible makes all this so much easier. It’s not a struggle when you aren’t living in your head. You’re rooted, balanced, and calm. So deciding not to have more when you know you don’t need it isn’t even a decision anymore.
It’s a bit hard to explain. Experiencing presence is the only way to understand it.
I’ll post on the way Dr. Mark Atkinson taught us to access presence easily soon.

I hope everyone is feeling bulletproof!


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