Sunhorse energy

At the biohacking conference last week, I had the privilege of meeting Dan Moriarty and Tom O’Brian, the creators and owners of Sunhorse Energy.
If you follow bulletproof radio, you’ll remember them coming on the show about a month ago, episode 247.
They make a very specific proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs and bottle it in perfect airline-travel sized bottles which winds up being a 33 day supply.
When I talked with Dan at the conference, he spoke a lot about the trial and error process they’d gone through in developing the original formula and how they’d perfected it.
Dan was a bottle of energy. At his age he is an exception to the rule of  modern American men over 50. Usually they are on the decline. Dan somehow seems at the top of his game. 
Ultimately he told me to try their thirty day challenge. He asked me to take a photo of myself on the first day I began taking the adaptogens and another when I finished the bottle, 32 days later.
So after five days of taking the sunhorse elixir I can’t say I feel much different, but I am going to try and keep all other variables steady for the next month and see how I feel at the end.
I’ll certainly report back.
For now, this is simply a shout out to Dan and Tom for being such balls of energy and for having the confidence in their product to stand by it with “the 30 day challenge”.

A sunhorse representative (not Dan or Tom)

Anyone else from the conference decide to try the elixir?

Be bulletproof.


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