After a Q & A session, some technical confusion, and a nice instant-presence meditation led by Mark as well as Oren and Jennifer, I heard over a hundred familiar voices all shouting “hi” and “I love you” and I believe I even heard the word butter..
It is so amazing what technology can do. I truly felt my heart open back up to all you people and so many faces came up in my mind, all thanks to what technology made available to us–a connection.
I miss you guys and I value those 20 seconds I got with you. What we experienced in Pasadena was a once in a lifetime thing. I know there will be more time with you in the future, however the universal channels are intertwined.
I just wanted to tell all of you in could feel the love!

Until then, stay present, stay bulletproof.


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One thought on “Hi!

  1. Butterrrrrrrrr! Haha I didn’t hear that one, but I’m glad you got it. Looking forward to growing alongside you in this coach training, brother man.


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