What makes you move

We all have it: the instinct, the drive, the unwavering and often indiscernable motivation that’s always a little out of focus when we look at it too straight forward. It’s as if we can only know it for what it is when we don’t look at it at all.
What is it for you? It’s different to some degree for everyone, all of us unique little bullets driven by distinctly specific packs of gunpowder.
It what makes us move, what makes us make grow and change. When you find yourself wanting to cook that meal for your family or spouse, or bust a move out on the dance floor.
It’s certainly presence, that all encompassing feeling of acceptance and peace that comes with becoming intensely aware of the present moment. But there’s something a little less ethereal, a little more physically human.
I’m driven by the need to express, help, and flourish.
This manifests in writing, in learning, particularly about health and brain hacking, and sharing it all with people it can help.
So to keep things brief and to stick to my point, I want to know what your little case of gunpowder consists of.

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