How well do you know your gut?

Imagine you live in the rainforest, you’re an aborigine. Your well being and livelihood depend on your ability to thrive in your environment. Besides the fact that you possibly eat dimethyltriptamine containing compounds which would quite literally speak to you and teach you everything you needed to know, you’d nonetheless know your environment and how the plants, animals, bugs, and earth were helpful or harmful.
Now, get this friends, your gut biome is more diverse than the Amazonian rainforest, a habitat so dense with populations and life that new species are still being discovered by researchers. So shouldn’t we be aborigines of our guts, that us to day, educated?
In fact, our gut microbes outnumber our cells 10:1. Are you smelling what I’m stepping in?
Every single thing we put into our bodies affects our gut microbiome. The more often those microbes encounter something the better they’ll be at utilizing it. Anything from say vitamin c to avocado or a salty sweet potato. Hence the advice that no one follows to eat the same foods over and over. Even if you ate corn chips and drank beer all the time your microbes would still shift towards whichever species of bacteria handles those foods best. I personally wouldn’t recommend this as supporting those bacteria have system wide effects that aren’t desirable.
I’ve been very curious about my gut for about a year now. At the biohacking conference in October I met some very nice people who are doing amazing work with the human gut biome. I bought two kits, one I plan to use soon and one down the road. Or maybe it’ll be a gift 🙂
Either way, it works like this: I send in my gut swab and they’ll send me my results which will name all the bacteria in my gut and what they all mean, that way I’ll know what I’m feeding in there and what I need to fix. Then I can compare it to everyone else who’s done a ubiome.
When you submit your sample they get you to full out a lifestyle survey and that way you know what’s different between you and someone who’s eating the same as you, but say, sleeping differently, or working out more/less. Sometimes things are going on right under our noses and we just don’t know it.
So I’m pretty excited. About poop. Yep.

Anybody else trying ubiome or anything similar?

Would love to hear about your rainforest!

Peace and bullets,


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