How well do you know your gut?

Imagine you live in the rainforest, you’re an aborigine. Your well being and livelihood depend on your ability to thrive in your environment. Besides the fact that you possibly eat dimethyltriptamine containing compounds which would quite literally speak to you and teach you everything you needed to know, you’d nonetheless know your environment and how the plants, animals, bugs, and earth were helpful or harmful.
Now, get this friends, your gut biome is more diverse than the Amazonian rainforest, a habitat so dense with populations and life that new species are still being discovered by researchers. So shouldn’t we be aborigines of our guts, that us to day, educated?
In fact, our gut microbes outnumber our cells 10:1. Are you smelling what I’m stepping in?
Every single thing we put into our bodies affects our gut microbiome. The more often those microbes encounter something the better they’ll be at utilizing it. Anything from say vitamin c to avocado or a salty sweet potato. Hence the advice that no one follows to eat the same foods over and over. Even if you ate corn chips and drank beer all the time your microbes would still shift towards whichever species of bacteria handles those foods best. I personally wouldn’t recommend this as supporting those bacteria have system wide effects that aren’t desirable.
I’ve been very curious about my gut for about a year now. At the biohacking conference in October I met some very nice people who are doing amazing work with the human gut biome. I bought two kits, one I plan to use soon and one down the road. Or maybe it’ll be a gift ūüôā
Either way, it works like this: I send in my gut swab and they’ll send me my results which will name all the bacteria in my gut and what they all mean, that way I’ll know what I’m feeding in there and what I need to fix. Then I can compare it to everyone else who’s done a ubiome.
When you submit your sample they get you to full out a lifestyle survey and that way you know what’s different between you and someone who’s eating the same as you, but say, sleeping differently, or working out more/less. Sometimes things are going on right under our noses and we just don’t know it.
So I’m pretty excited. About poop. Yep.

Anybody else trying ubiome or anything similar?

Would love to hear about your rainforest!

Peace and bullets,


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What makes you move

We all have it: the instinct, the drive, the unwavering and often indiscernable motivation that’s always a little out of focus when we look at it too straight forward. It’s as if we can only know it for what it is when we don’t look at it at all.
What is it for you? It’s different to some degree for everyone, all of us unique little bullets driven by distinctly specific packs of gunpowder.
It what makes us move, what makes us make grow and change. When you find yourself wanting to cook that meal for your family or spouse, or bust a move out on the dance floor.
It’s certainly presence, that all encompassing feeling of acceptance and peace that comes with becoming intensely aware of the present moment. But there’s something a little less ethereal, a little more physically human.
I’m driven by the need to express, help, and flourish.
This manifests in writing, in learning, particularly about health and brain hacking, and sharing it all with people it can help.
So to keep things brief and to stick to my point, I want to know what your little case of gunpowder consists of.

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After a Q & A session, some technical confusion, and a nice instant-presence meditation led by Mark as well as Oren and Jennifer, I heard over a hundred familiar voices all shouting “hi” and “I love you” and I believe I even heard the word butter..
It is so amazing what technology can do. I truly felt my heart open back up to all you people and so many faces came up in my mind, all thanks to what technology made available to us–a connection.
I miss you guys and I value those 20 seconds I got with you. What we experienced in Pasadena was a once in a lifetime thing. I know there will be more time with you in the future, however the universal channels are intertwined.
I just wanted to tell all of you in could feel the love!

Until then, stay present, stay bulletproof.


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Sunhorse energy

At the biohacking conference last week, I had the privilege of meeting Dan Moriarty and Tom O’Brian, the creators and owners of Sunhorse Energy.
If you follow bulletproof radio, you’ll remember them coming on the show about a month ago, episode 247.
They make a very specific proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs and bottle it in perfect airline-travel sized bottles which winds up being a 33 day supply.
When I talked with Dan at the conference, he spoke a lot about the trial and error process they’d gone through in developing the original formula and how they’d perfected it.
Dan was a bottle of energy. At his age he is an exception to the rule of  modern American men over 50. Usually they are on the decline. Dan somehow seems at the top of his game. 
Ultimately he told me to try their thirty day challenge. He asked me to take a photo of myself on the first day I began taking the adaptogens and another when I finished the bottle, 32 days later.
So after five days of taking the sunhorse elixir I can’t say I feel much different, but I am going to try and keep all other variables steady for the next month and see how I feel at the end.
I’ll certainly report back.
For now, this is simply a shout out to Dan and Tom for being such balls of energy and for having the confidence in their product to stand by it with “the 30 day challenge”.

A sunhorse representative (not Dan or Tom)

Anyone else from the conference decide to try the elixir?

Be bulletproof.


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Taco night

So I got to watching a movie on Netflix today, Chef. A good flick, written directed, and starring Jon Favreau. I suggest it as it not only has many food porn shots, from fine dining plates to food truck fantasies, it also has a great storyline that follows a family and particularly to bond between a father and son.
Anyhow, it got my thinking of all the food trucks in Highland Park, the area I found an air bnb to stay at during the Bulletproof Coach Training class and biohacking conference last week. I’d say at least half of the food trucks I saw there and in Pasadena were taco related. So, in honor of the food trucks of Cali, I made Bulletproof Tacos.
Starting off I threw some onion in the cast iron. 75% of my meals seem to start this way.


Then I started the tortillas. Here’s the breakdown:
Makes 5-6 7″ tortillas

1/4 cup coconut flour
8 egg whites
1/3 cup coconut/almond/raw dairy milk
Dash salt
Dash acv
Dash baking soda

Mix well and let sit 5-10 minutes to let the flour absorb the liquid. Should be the consistency of crepe batter. So runnier than pancake batter.

Then I buttered a small Earthpan nonstick skillet and poured a thin layer in and let cook for about one minute without touching it. Flip it with a rubber spatty and do 1 more minute.

I stacked em up in the oven set on 150 while my deer/pastured pork taco meat cooked with the onion and a little seasoned cabbage.


I of course enjoyed a shift drink, as every cook I’ve ever known does.

Love these things

And to top it off a little fresh iceberg, jalape√Īos, and diced tomato.

Good thing about cast iron #23: keeps your taco meat warm even when the burner is off

It’s meals like this that remind me why bulletproof/healthy living is an easy choice. This was way more satisfying than taco bell or the Mexican joint down the road and I felt great after eating it. It took me about 20 minutes to prep and cook and 5 to clean.
The only thing that would have made it better would be some homemade guacamole which I forgot about until about halfway through my first taco. I do believe the tortillas could handle it no problem, not one split on me.


And that’s a wrap.


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Coming home

Everything is different.
You can’t look at the world the same after you’ve changed your perspective. The bulletproof coaches understand where I’m going with this.
When you live from you hara, from your place of presence, the things that happen just matter a little less. And that’s a feeling of lightness. And that is life changing.
I’ve changed some things up since I got home. I’ll try to start posting some of the recipes I’m making these days and explain the way I’m viewing food.
I have followed Dr. Mark Hyman’s advice and am finishing dinner at least four hours before bedtime. Generally that means being done eating for the day around 5 pm. I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better and waking up more energized and that my day gets rolling earlier, there’s less time needed for waking up.
I’m also cutting down on my portion sizes. 3-4 ounce protein servings, especially for dinner, seem to make a big difference. I fill my plate with freshly prepared veggies and a nice amount of high quality fat.
I’ve noticed satiation occurs easily and I’m never uncomfortably full (something I’ve dealt with a lot in the past due to my leptin resistance which I’ll write about later).
Living in presence as much as possible makes all this so much easier. It’s not a struggle when you aren’t living in your head. You’re rooted, balanced, and calm. So deciding not to have more when you know you don’t need it isn’t even a decision anymore.
It’s a bit hard to explain. Experiencing presence is the only way to understand it.
I’ll post on the way Dr. Mark Atkinson taught us to access presence easily soon.

I hope everyone is feeling bulletproof!


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Biohacking conference 2015

It was a party of splendor, a collaboration of celebrating biology nerds and health hackers.
These were my people.
Greeted by giant bowls of some of the highest quality supplements on the market (like Glutathione Force, the only liposomal glutathione available, and Unfair Advantage the most bioavailable form of PQQ and Ubiquinol), it was instantly obvious that I was in for something special.
In all seriousness, just stepping into the building there was a difference in the air. As if one had stepped into a different quality of air and it required a moment to catch your breath.
There was coffee constantly available, served by the happiest bulletproof baristas. Fat water was served next door, the latest product from Dave Asprey (who will from heretoforth be referred to simply as Dave) that serves as a hydrating tasty beverage. Hacked snacks were around every corner from Epic foods meal bars to Arizona Grass Fed Beef broth and different adaptogenic herbs such as Sunhorse, who I wound up purchasing a month supply from and will write up on soon.
I immediately signed up for an IV therapy and injectible vitamin treatment aka a shot in the butt of nutrients. I made my way to the hyperbaric chamber for some medium pressure oxygen treatment.
Soon I was listening to the legend himself, Dave, speaking on the good things we all came to hear about.
Brendon Burchard spoke next, a motivating man who has discovered secrets to the art of getting dreams done in a timely manner at quite a young age.
Dr. Robert Cooper spoke after Brendon and made a huge impact on his listeners, a man who understands what what makes people tick and what makes them move themselves in the direction of their goals.
Emily Fletcher, John Gray, Steven Fowkes..
Speaker after speaker came and went over the next three days (I won’t mention every one here, you can look at the lineup online). It was overwhelming.
I am overwhelmed and I am free.
After three days of biohacking and learning and amazing interactions with people equally excited about health and happiness, I was suddenly in an Uber ride at 5 am headed to LAX.
It wasn’t sadness that came over me, but it was certainly something close to nostalgia for the experiences I’d barely finished.
Flying back towards the southeast US I wanted to slow down and really appreciate everything I’d experienced and embody what had happened to me.
The one thing that stuck with me was the feeling I had every morning when I stepped into that conference building. The energy was on a level above the city outside. I realize now that it was potential energy. It was all those hackers looking in the moment for the truth. They were all their trying to realize their greatest potential. Same as me, but in their own way.

I have much more to share but I must cook dinner for four other firefighters.

All in good time.


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Bulletproof Coach Training

This isn’t just for my peeps, my fellow coaches-in-training, although I hope they’ll feel the love from it; it ain’t just for Mark and Dave, although they inspired me beyond belief; and it’s not just for those I’ll serve but it sure is a shout out to them. It’s for all of you and it’s because of you that I have the inspiration, the motivation, and the presence to stop and write.
The coach training was and is a powerful group of good people, led by Dr. Mark Atkinson and Mr. Dave Asprey. The class is designed for those interested in helping further the movement known as Bulletproof (as in the world renown Bulletproof Coffee) which means living a life of joy, vibrance, and resilient health.
Signing up for the class was a no brainer for me and probably for most of my fellow coaches. When Dave put out the opportunity to sign up with a full curriculum and schedule (as well as a pass to the Bulletproof Biohacking conference which I’ll post about soon), it took me only a few hours to make the decision. The value was worth way more than the price.
When I arrived in Pasadena on the morning of the 21st, I was beyond stoked. I was itching to get into the Westin and start meeting and experiencing. Mark told us coming into the week that the two days of in-person training for the class would be 100% experiential. The man is honest.
Bulletproof coffee flowed freely as did collagen bars and conversation. Everyone was fueled by the highest quality fats, grass fed Anchor brand butter and brain octane, the shortest of the medium chain fats contained in coconut and palm oil. The bulletproof Vibe vibration plates were set up and always monitored by a staff member, although we all took a few more risks than might have been approved if said staff had not been geeking out on the same combination of caffeine and caprylic acid that we all were.
And then class began. Mark almost immediately taught us how to find out place of peace, our present moment awareness using multiple methods. My preferred is the hara meditation (another post coming up), simply because it is so efficient and practical.
Until 8 pm that night we guided each other through personal growth blockages, old emotional damage, and simple conversation that allowed us to not only bind the way a coach and his client would, but also learn exactly what it’s like to¬†be¬†a coach. It’s not simply about the diet you choose or the exercise you prefer. It’s living a life of awareness and that is what allows the choices of diet, exercise, and mental performance to become all the easier. When you can be present enough to make the right choices without having to use mass amounts of will power, then your energy is upgraded through the roof and then you have the ability to say, “wow, with all this extra energy and awareness, what is it that I¬†really¬†want to do with myself? With my life?”
By the time day two ended it seemed like we’d been together for only a moment and also for a week. We hugged and laughed and confessed to loving one another. We were sad it was over but happy to have nine months left of online interactive class time. And with that we said goodbye, only to see each other the next morning at the¬†Bulletproof Biohacking Conference!

More on that tomorrow.

Good day friends,


Here I am

The last post i offered was about the conclusion (or should I say intermission) of a European escapade. I hinted at further plans and harped about home and the importance of creating one. I don’t particularly want to write about myself but I feel like to move on with this blog I need to sum up my progress since. ¬†That was January after all.

I flew back to America, spent three weeks and my parent’s house in Byhalia, Mississippi, and moved to Orange Beach, Alabama. ¬†I interviewed the morning after I arrived for a position as a resident firefighter with the Orange Beach Fire and Rescue Department. ¬†I was awarded the position and began fire school shortly after. ¬†I’m living in Orange Beach in an old brick house with three other guys, one of which is my brother and all of which are fellow resident firefighters. ¬†Our position entails that all of our schooling and training is paid for as well as our housing in exchange for our time working at the stations. ¬†We’re paid a stipend every month of around 350$. ¬†Essentially, it’s an excellent program that allows young aspiring firefighters an opportunity to have the expenses of fire college, EMT school and paramedic school paid for while getting on the job experience. ¬†There’s some in’s and out’s to the job that I won’t go into detail about here.
I also work part-time as a server at Orange Beach’s finest restaurant (and I mean that), Fisher’s Upstairs.

I’m enjoying my time here and fortunately Kate, my lovely girlfriend of 2+ years, moved down and took a job at a local waterfront restaurant within walking distance to her little house that she shares with her best friend, Mary.

Now that that’s summarized, on to the good stuff.

I’ve been attempting to continue with a piece of writing that I began in Portugal, a bit about home. ¬†Being away from home gave me such amazing insight into what it means to me, and now that I’m back in a place where I have my comforts and easy of access and my loved ones, I’ve sort of lost touch with the ideas that drove me to write so steadily about it those last few weeks in Portugal.

So I’ve been spending time reading about what it is I should do to rediscover that creative spark and drive to press on with the writing. ¬†Here’s what I’ve got:

1. Fill your brain until it’s bursting with creative fuel, i.e. books, (good) movies, conversation, art, music, nature and other things that are information that are not work related.
2. Write anyways. Even if it’s a poem or a journal entry or a¬†blog post¬†or a recipe, just get the movements and the neuron pathways warmed back up.
3. Meditate.  Stilling my mind and abolishing inner resistance just makes everything easier.
4. Steal. I found one of the inspirational books in my stash, Walden, and began copying excerpts from it. It seems silly but it combines numbers 1 & 2 into a simple method of tapping back into the flow state.

So this is me, gettin’ it goin’ again. ¬†Doing my best to inspire myself and to work out the kinks. ¬†It feels the same as when I moved here and began lifting weights again, something I hadn’t done consistently in mucho tiempo. It’s hard and almost awkward at first and the results are small but the immediate rewards feel good. ¬†You press on because you know it’s the right thing to do. You don’t stop when it’s hard and you begin remembering things about it you’d forgotten. ¬†Then, before long, you find yourself lacing up your shoes without telling yourself to. ¬†You add that extra plate and smile as you push out one more rep than the last time.

I know this’ll become as natural as drinking water, like it was.

One more thing on that list of writing boosters:

1. Make a commitment. ¬†I wrote out my sort of¬†mission statement¬†the other day and now it’s on my phone’s home screen. I can’t miss it.

I will write everyday. I’m committed to working as a writer until I’m paid to do so. It’s the one thing that when I’m doing it I forget the rest of the world and feel as though I’ve jumped in a river. ¬†I’m flowing, face up, watching the sky roll by without any struggle. ¬†That’s why I write. ¬†That’s why I’m here.

Next time, it’ll be about something.

A study of home: Part 2

Where does the excitement end?
My initial plan was to spend a year traveling over here. I haven’t known exactly why but for a few years now I’ve had this desire to “arrive” in this place that I was sure would be the crucial step towards my success. I found travel so enlightening the last time, I assumed after a few years of waiting, it would only be only more so. Well, I suppose I was right, but I didn’t need a year to come across something enlightening.
A lot has happened in the past few years, the time I’ve spent waiting, creating a paradox within myself, just waiting for the present moment to arrive while it’s always already been here. But I’ve realized well before leaving the US that certain things had proven time and time again to be more important than the rest.¬† I’ll list them:

Love: it’s not a romantic thing or unachievable except by the pure of heart. It’s what we all feel at some point or another when we feel like our best selves. When you are certain that you’re doing the right thing, you’re In Love.

Family: it’s not just the people you’re born to share the same blood with (although I believe it includes them), it’s your circle of influence.
Jim Rohn ‚ÄĒ ‘You are the average of the five people¬†you spend the most time with .’
I think this is deeper than the usual translation or perhaps even the original intention of Mr. Rohn. Yes, if I want to be a writer I could surround myself with writers and probably accelerate my productivity. If I want to be a firefighter, well, I should get some firefighting buddies. Etc, etc.
However, if you look at my list of priorities (the extensive list that’s at 2 so far..) love is number one.¬† So shouldn’t I surround myself with the people I love most? Or shouldn’t I love the people who are always around me? What about learning to love those who have loved me since I came into this world?
I think that when we are born into this world, we immediately have primordial relationships: our parents, and whoever we grow up closest to. Those relationships undoubtedly influence every other relationship in our life, from the point we begin, ad infinitum.
To focus on bettering all of my relationships, and in learning to choose my circle of influence, it may be wise to focus on my primordial relationships, aka, my first ones, so that I might learn to love better.
Baba Ram Das said, “if you think you’re so enlightened, go spend a week with your parents.”¬† I’m sure what he meant was that the world out here can be easy, but returning to the place you were first loved is hard and ultimately the most rewarding, or enlightening.

I’m not just going to spend a week with my parents, I’m going to spend a few weeks with them ūüėČ More importantly, I’m moving home with the intention of staying home, of creating home.¬† I’m giving all of myself to something again, and that will be this thing, this crazy concept I’m trying to define with these silly human sounds: home. What could be more important than pursuing what’s been discovered as, to paraphrase myself, “more important than the rest”?

It’s said that most people, at the end of their lives, when they are dying, ask the same questions: “did I love well?”, “did I learn to live fully?”, and “did I learn to let go?”

So number 3 is enthusiasm.

What enthusiasm is not is waking up and pressing the snooze button, it’s not starting the day with procrastination. It’s not dragging out of bed and dreading the car ride to work.
It’s also not a step up from that: “this is where I am and this is how it must be so I accept it.” Although, that’s certainly better than the first.

Enthusiasm is living out your joy. It’s rolling out of bed smiling, knowing the day ahead of you is the best day of your life, even if you have to choose to feel that way. It’s knowing what it is that you’re most excited about, the thing you geek out about to your friends or partner, and being able to pursue it in some way that day.
We wake up, in a state of enthusiastic living, and we know that whatever happens that day, we’ll have the opportunity to take a step in the direction of living more enthusiastically, however small the step. I don’t mean living frantically or annoyingly giddy. It’s about confidently striding along the ever present path of what you love most.

So, for me, these things all go hand in hand, link to link, cheek to cheek.
And I didn’t need to travel a year away from the US to realize it. Apparently two months was enough.

Kenny and I are flying out of Madrid on Wednesday. No one can understand how surprisingly sudden this happen. And while at first I was resistant, I’ve realized it’s the perfect opportunity to lead me closer to living my enthusiastic life. It’s the perfect step because it’s the one God has presented to me at this moment. I’ve been focusing on these three things, these three virtues of home, and I’ve realized that heading back is a step in the right direction.

With such a strong desire and excitement for rediscovering my home, it’s an easy decision to accept an opportunity to work with my brother down on the Gulf Coast. Holding all of these intentions, these prayers, so consistently close makes me certain in this next step, regardless of how drastic a change from the plan at hand. I’m trying to love, trying to learn to live well and letting go of that which doesn’t serve me any longer.

More on the job details later, when I’ve got more information. For now, here’s some more photos of our last bit of time in Portugal.









Ramble on, Rose.

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